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Non-abrasive Exfoliation

Buy Recommended Series for Best Results

Resurfacing Treatments – Progressive exfoliation helps

to repair aging and photo damaged skin, acne scars and


single session $99 - $149

Hydrating & Brightening Treatment – Make your skin look


single session $84

series of six $389

Acne & Oily Skin Treatment – Manage your oily skin and acne

single session $99

series of six $449

Texture, Aging & Acne Treatment – Get smooth & silky skin.

single session $74

series of six $329

Hyperpigmentation, Acne & Aging Treatment – Improve your

skin tone.

single session $149

series of four sessions $499

series of six $599

Skin Rejuvenation Treatment – Is designed for individuals of all

skin types who are seeking more significant skin rejuvenation

in fewer treatments, and with less downtime than more

aggressive procedures.

single session $149

series of three $299

Acne Treatment – Is ideal for anyone seeking a serious solution

for acne and oily skin.

single session $174

series of six $699

Pigmentation Treatment – Most aggressive treatment to address

pigmentation and advanced sun damage.

single session $199

series of three $399

Vi Peel – A safe, effective approach for pre-teens suffering from

acne to mature clients wanting to reverse the signs of aging.

single session $269

series of three $539